Cardinal Laboratories has proudly served the environmental industries of the Permian Basin for over twenty-five years. We provide accredited analytical data for environmental consulting companies, state and local drinking water and wastewater authorities, oil and gas exploration and production companies, midstream companies, and refineries. Our tenured laboratory directors develop each internal process based on NELAP standards and efficiency. All instrumentation is placed under a regimented maintenance program that is crucial in sustaining capacity and delivering industry leading turnaround with extreme consistency and reliability.

Services we deliver

Cardinal understands the analytical support required to provide a concerted environmental effort. All parties involved depend on timely and accurate laboratory data for any project. Cardinal is here to provide reliable sample analyses for any organization or environmental task.

Pipeline Leaks and Breaks

Contamination from Fuel Storage Tanks

Surface Waters/Well Waters

Drinking and Wastewater

Industrial Discharge

Delivering services to …

Environmental Consultants


Federal and State Agencies

Petroleum Producers

Real Estate and Financial Institutions

Full Service

Cardinal is a full-service analytical laboratory utilizing qualified personnel and high precision analytical instrumentation.

Chemists and technicians are trained to run particular test methods to develop expertise and provide consistency. Our laboratories are equipped to analyze for:

TPH(8015, TX 1005, 418.1)


Oil and Grease

Volatiles and Semivolatiles

Pesticides & Herbicides

Inorganics (Cations, Anions)

Trace Metals

TCLP Extraction and Analysis

Reactivity, Corrosivity, Ignitablity


Cardinal Labs has traditionally tailored its services to the oil & gas, mining, and power generation industries. While we continue to set a high standard in these sectors, we’ve also recently obtained reciprocity certification through the New Mexico Environment Department, and can now accept drinking water samples for analyses such as THMs and HAAs.

The laboratory professionals at Cardinal Laboratories are friendly, knowledgeable, and easily accessible.

Each client and each project is very unique and is treated accordingly. It is common for our customers to request expedited turnaround, so we have designed our facilities to maximize efficiency and capacity. Each member of Cardinal’s staff including the owner, laboratory director, and office manager can be contacted directly at any time, as is often necessary to discuss custom quality control, turnaround, or billing requirements.

All information pertaining to a client’s sample is stored and tracked through a laboratory information management system (LIMS).

The LIMS archives sample data such as container and preservative specifics, expiration date, project name, location, and matrix type. The data being stored indefinitely gives us the ability to query historical project information upon customer request. The LIMS is also capable of creating an abundant array of electronic data deliverables (EDDs), which can be tailored specifically to a client’s custom database.

Laboratory Equipment

We invest in the best equipment, mixed with a high-quality bar of attention to detail to produce exceptional results.

Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer (ICP/MS)
Perkin-Elmer ELAN 9000 ICP/MS, AS-93plus Autosampler
Perkin-Elmer Nexion 1000

Inductively Coupled Plasma Spectrophotometer (ICP)
Perkin-Elmer 3000 Optima ICP/OES, AS-91 Autosampler
Perkin Elmer Optima 7300DV ICP-OES

Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometers (AA)
Varian SpectrAA 220Z, GTA110Z Zeeman GFAA System
Varian SpectrAA 220FS, VGA-77 Hydride System, SPS 5 Autosampler
Perkin Elmer 5100 AA
Perkin Elmer 5100ZL GFAA

Mercury Analyzers
Brooks Rand MERX Total-DP

Gas Chromatographs (GC’s)
Hewlett-Packard 6890 FID
(2) Hewlett-Packard 5890 FID/PID
Hewlett-Packard 5890 PID
Hewlett-Packard 5890 FID/ECD

Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometers (GC/MS)
(1) Agilent 7890 GC, 5975C Mass Selective Detector
(2) Hewlett-Packard 5890 GC, 5971 Mass Selective Detector
(1) Hewlett-Packard 5890 GC, 5972 Mass Selective Detector

Perkin Elmer Spectrum 65 Series FT-IR Spectrometer
Perkin Elmer 1600 Series

Sulfur Analyzer
LECO S-200